‘Responsibly Made in Portugal’

Sustainability Talks curated by Catalyst

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During Market Stylista on the 1st and 2nd of June, we are curating a series of presentations and talks to decode what Circularity & Sustainability currently means in Portugal and how to find your purpose to drive positive environmental impact.

We wish to share our collective feeling of responsibility towards Portugal’s social and environmental net-zero and net-positive impact in Fashion and inspire conscious and informed action.

We have prepared a sustainability concept for the market with 8 governing principles to raise awareness on the various approaches that can lead to net-zero and net-positive impact. Most brands within the market comply with at least one pilar, whereas sustainable brands comply with over four.

Amongst our speakers we have representatives of the textile industry from the north of Portugal, Sustainability Advocates and Eco-influencers, Portuguese Sustainable brands as well as members of national organisations working towards zero waste and the regeneration of our Ocean.


Our First Impact Series

March 6th 2019

‘Walking the Conscious Runway’

Round Table Paula Perez (NAE), Ana Costa (Baseville), Pedro Palha (ISTO),

Carla Belchior (A Outra Face da Lua) & Joana Silva (Conscious Swimwear

Moderator Kaleigh Tirone Nunes

March 7th 2019


Round Table Maria José Carvalho (CITEVE) & Paulo Gomes (Manifesto Moda)

Moderator Kaleigh Tirone Nunes